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The Chloe Sanctuary flock:

  • Coco - female Umbrella Cockatoo (U2F) - FDB started at one year of  age. Apparently damaged esophagus probably from overheated food  inserted via tube.
  • Cecil - male Umbrella Cockatoo (U2M) - hyperactive with toys. Deeply  psychotic on admission. Overreacts to quick motions.
  • Salamander - male Moluccan (Seram) Cockatoo (M2M) - has twisted  pelvis and can't fly. Has only 3 toes on left foot. Excessive mating  behavior attempted with humans.
  • Peaches - female Moluccan (Seram) Cockatoo (M2F) - has six fused  vertibrae in her neck, can't fly, and needs to be preened by hand as she  can't reach. Great with humans but only tolerates one bird, Cecil. Highly  social.
  • Babalu - male Triton Cockatoo (T2M). Cloaca prolapsed and 1st  cloacapexy 2016, 2nd 2017. Apparent aggressive behavior towards new  human contact is actually extreme attempt socialize with  them. Hyperactive.
  • Snoball - male Umbrella Cockatoo (U2M). Mate and female cockatoo  aggressive. Becomes despondent if he can't play frisbee.
  • Cozzi - female Umbrella Cockatoo (U2F). Severely territorial with other  girls but highly social with humans.
  • Sugar - female Moluccan (Seram) Cockatoo (M2F) Was a severe  mutilator when she arrived at Chloe Sanctuary. Lowered her medicine  slightly just one time resulting in the loss of 75 feathers plus and severe  bleeding.
  • Lauralei - female Umbrella Cockatoo (U2F). FDB on onset of  adolescence. Stereotypic behavior observed if left in her cage for more  than two hours at a time.
  • Pippa - female Triton Cockatoo (T2F). Severe FDB bordering on  mutilation. Swallowed lead which had to be surgically removed; mentally  challenged.
  • Lucy - female Umbrella Cockatoo (U2F). FDB resulting in a permanent loss of feathers on chest. Social with humans but not parrots.
  • Roman - male Umbrella Cockatoo (U2M). FDB and severely phobic.  Afraid of towels.
  • Simone (female Umbrella Cockatoo) (U2F). Living a good life, but no  longer at the sanctuary.

11 of the flock have Feather Destructive Behavior (FDB)

1 highest compatibility / almost no aggression & territoriality DARK GREEN
2 rare aggression LIGHT GREEN
3 occasional aggression LIGHT YELLOW
4 occasional aggression DARK YELLOW
5 moderate aggression ORANGE
6 consistent aggressive behavior LIGHT RED
7 least compatibility / nearly always aggressive & territorial RED

Flock Role
Reinforcers primary and secondary
Expression of aggression
Preening / social behavior

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Cockatude episodes:

Introduction to Cockatude and the Chloe Sanctuary
(Superseded) Cockatude: Cockatoos With Attitude Intro: 
Cockatude Essentials - A list of suggested Cockatude episodes: 


1 Peaches "Handicapped and happy" -- A sanctuary bird introduction.
2 Babalu "A Boy No One Wanted" -- A sanctuary bird introduction.
3 Sugar "A Mutilator's Story" -- A sanctuary bird introduction.
4 Cecil "A Doll's Eyes" -- A sanctuary bird introduction.
5 Roman "From Mean to Mild" -- A sanctuary bird introduction.
6 Coco "Love is not enough" -- A sanctuary bird introduction.
7 Simone "Is there a barber in the house?" -- A sanctuary bird introduction.
8 Nail Trimming: Are your nails sharp or are you just happy to see me? 
9 Chloe and Snoball "Feathers are Forever" -- A sanctuary bird introduction. 
10 Coz "The Wallflower" -- A sanctuary bird introduction. 
11 An amateur raises a baby: Lauralei, Chloe's adopted daughter -- A sanctuary bird introduction. 
12 Infectious disease in parrots -- Veterinary series with Dr. Jenkins. [HEALTH] 
13 Cloacal Prolapse -- Veterinary series with Dr. Jenkins. [HEALTH] 
14 They are back! Finally, an effective treatment for feather destructive behavior -- Veterinary series with Dr. Jenkins. [FEATHER PICKING] [BEHAVIOR] 
15 Salamander "How not to turn your bird into a cruise missile" -- A sanctuary bird introduction. [MATE BONDING] 
16 Quality of Life: How to do a QOL assessment. [ASSESSMENT]. 
17 How to do a home exam for your parrot: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. [HEALTH] 
18 Who's training whom? Tips and tricks in training your parrot. [TRAINING]. 
19 What's different about the hollow-boned set? [BEHAVIOR AND BIOLOGY] 
20 Making toys: don't let parrot enrichment send you to the poorhouse. [TOYS]. 
21 Behind the closed door: it isn't just smoke and mirrors. [BEHAVIOR] 
22 Out of the blue: is it aggression or self defense? [AGGRESSION]. 
23 A Day in the Life: a day at the sanctuary. 
24 Awakening your inner parrot. [BEHAVIOR] 
25 How intelligent are they? [BEHAVIOR AND BIOLOGY] 
26 What if? Dealing with crisis [CRISIS MANAGEMENT] 
27 Taking your birds to events. Our one year anniversary episode. [SOCIALIZATION]
28 Till Death Do Us Part: when mate bonds go terribly wrong. [MATE AGGRESSION] 
29 The end of your rope: when re-homing is the only option. [TERRITORIALITY] 
30 Teaching health and happiness: mentoring your parrot. [BEHAVIOR] 
31 So you want to rescue parrots? 
32 Disarming a ticking time bomb. 
33 "My Journey" How parrots stole my heart. 
34 A One Man Band. Entertaining your parrots. 
35 Picky Eaters, a journey of a thousand nibbles begins with one bite. 
36 A Clean Getaway. (Snoball talks almost as much as Don does in this video).
37 Cagey with Cages 
38 A Label Addict goes on a 12 Parrot Program 
39 Shaping behavior, I see your behavior now let's change it
40 Behavior's Fantastic Four. [REWARD TRAINING] 
42 Solving the Mystery of Parrot Behaviors [BEHAVIOR] 
43, Cockatoos with attitude: The Parrots They Are A-Changin' 
44 Cockatoos with attitude: Parrot Nature and Nurture: The Scorpion & the Frog 
45 Not again! and ABA explained. Cockatude, Cockatoos with attitude! 
46 Seeing with Peach Colored eyes: A day in Peaches life: Cockatoos with attitude
47 No Jive 5 parrot training, Cockatoos with attitude [TRAINING] 
48 Parrot Controversies, Cockatoos with Attitude 
49 Living with Dinosaurs, Parrot Tales 
50 Preparing to Adopt: Cockatoos with Attitude 
51 PARROT PROBLEMS: a positive approach: how to stay sane in an emotional whirlwind. 
52 From Egg to Old Age: Cockatoos with attitude
53 Viewer Questions, Cockatoos with attitude 
54 The Pleasure of the Parrot 
55 Parrots are not made of porcelain: expect and encourage change 
56 TIPS: Protecting Your Parrot: Cockatoos with Attitude 
57 The Re-Homed Parrot: Lucy and Pippa: the first days [REHOMING] 
58 Why does my parrot...? [BEHAVIOR] 
59 Playtime with your parrot
60 The Public Parrot: Your cockatoo is so well behaved! [BEHAVIOR]
61 BEHAVE! Keys to parrot behavior training
62 Even this shall pass: an update on our flock: dealing with change
63 Learning the Language of Parrots: Rewiring your brain
64 Viewer Questions #2, about your cockatoo or parrot
65 Get out of here! Taking your bird on trips 
66 Male, Female, and Gender Bender: You, your parrot, and sex [MATING BEHAVIOR]
67 Parrot Stress: Prevention & cure: Keeping Molehills from becoming Mountains [BEHAVIOR] 
68 Flock Relationships: untangling a knot of cockatoos [RELATIONSHIPS] 
69 Our Stoic Roman Bird: Fear, Peanut Butter, and Willie Nelson 
70 Babalu: Life is short so live it to the fullest 
71 Casting away human prejudice to see parrots in a new light 
72 The True Cost of a Parrot 
73 Parrots here and gone again but not forgotten 
74 When your vet is gone and other questions... 
75 Parrot quarantine & International travel 
76 Babysitting Parrots 
77 Building an Aviary 
78 Indoor cages, fluffing, insomnia and more 
79 The Bridge to Better Behavior 
80 Fun with Parrot Enrichment 
81 Adding a New Member to your Flock 
82 Parrot Personalities 
83 Parrot Training Basics [TRAINING] 
84 Do you know your parrot? 
85 Learn your parrot's secrets 
86 Parrot Nutrition: what we know about healthy food 
87 Handicapped Parrots 
88 Mating Behavior Public version: 
89 First Aid [FIRST AID] Public version: 
90 Introducing a new parrot to your flock. Tips and tricks. [TRAINING] 
91 Patron ABA Dancing with your Parrot: the essentials of behavior 
92 Motivation 
93 Parrot proofing your home: keeping your parrot safe and happy. Part One 
94 The how and why of parrot sleep
95 My Philosophy of Parrot Care 
96 Protecting your parrots in natural disasters 
97 Patron’s retrospective part I 
98 Patron’s retrospective part II 
99 Communicate and Motivate! 
100 Part III Retrospective and Fear and Obession 
101 Training is always going on 
102 When is change good? 
103 A Tribute to Chloe 
104 The Sad Parrot 
105 And one more thing 
106 Backstories 
107 Feather Picking FDB part II No magic fairy dust doesnt work 
107 The real skinny on feather picking parrots. PART II 
108 Don’t get a parrot (But if you do...) 

Live broadcasts:

Chatzy feedback channel: (displayed on Don's large screen)

Audio podcasts:
Chloe Sanctuary Spreaker channel:

  • Dr Jeffrey Jenkins Profile - Dr. Jenkins graciously gave us interviews on important veterinary subjects about parrots. This audio tells you about his background and qualifications. 
  • Tips And Insights From Dr. Jenkins - Dr. Jenkins gives his advice and insights about living with parrots. These are taken from our three interviews with him. 
  • A12 Infectious Diseases audio only - An interview with Dr. Jeffrey Jenkins, DVM of the Avian and Exotic Animal Hospital in San Diego. Dr. Jenkins give us a detailed rundown on infectious diseases in parrots and cockatoos.
  • Episode 14 The Feathers are Back! An Interview with Dr Jenkins - for the past decade, Dr Jenkins of the Avian and Exotic Animal Hospital has been successfully treating feather-plucking in nine out of 10 birds. This episode explains the how and why of effective treatment.
  • A48 Parrot Controversies - I take on a wide selection of controversial issues including wing clipping, alternative medicine, captive breeding, and more. These audio podcasts are taken from our large selection of videos located at To see the madness of one man surrounded by a room full of cockatoos flying about and vying for his attention, check out our YouTube channel!
  • A55 Parrots are not Porcelain: Expect change, even encourage it - No matter what feathered companion you bring into your home, they will change. The worst thing you can possibly say about your new friend is: I LIKE THEM JUST THE WAY THEY ARE. Knowing that change is coming and working with it can make the difference between a happy home and a nightmare.
  • A60 the public parrot: Your parrot is so well behaved! - Have you ever told a parent, "Your kids are so well behaved!" Most of us are shocked when we see children who are polite and courteous: kids that are not constantly asking for attention or some treat; kids that offer to share what they have with us. I hear these kind words about our Chloe Sanctuary flock all the time. I even hear it from our fans about our videos. What is so amazing about that is that this is the nature of parrots to be social. Once we learn how to work with these feathered wonders this kind of behavior becomes the norm. In this episode we talk about how to bring out the best qualities of your parrot in public. Whether it be in uncle Earnie's living room or at the Renaissance Faire, your parrot has the potential to cause others to say, "What a wonderfully behaved bird!" 
  • A61 Behave! Keys to parrot training audio only - The wild and crazy cockatoos steal the show again. Nonetheless, Don manages to discuss important keys to shaping parrot behavior. With these keys you may be able to "drive" your parrot's behavior to better destinations. 


Note: This is NOT a definitive list of medical conditions and/or drugs! 

Drug references:
  • Haloperidol (Haldol - 2mg/ml) - Typical antipsychotic used to treat FDB: - article to help avian vet calculate dose:
  • Leuprorelin  (Lupron) - Hormone used to treat prostate cancer, breast cancer, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, and early puberty [expand]
  • Enrofloxacin (Baytril) - Antibiotic It is a bactericidal agent. The bactericidal activity of enrofloxacin is concentration-dependent, with susceptible bacteria cell death occurring within 20–30 minutes of exposure.
  • Metoclopramide (Metomide) - A medication used mostly for stomach and esophageal problems. It is commonly used to treat and prevent nausea and vomiting, to help with emptying of the stomach in people with delayed stomach emptying, and to help with gastroesophageal reflux disease. It is also used to treat migraine headaches.
  • Deslorelin - Deslorelin acetate is an injectable gonadotropin releasing hormone super-agonist (GnRH agonist) also known as an LHRH agonist. Via its indirect action, following an initial surge the production of sex hormones (Androgenand Estrogen) tapers off. 

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